Stinking, Filthy Shimla


In a strange move the Municipal Corporation removed the dumpers meant for collecting garbage from the colonies and the garbage being collected is thrown in open on main roads. I can see dumpers only at Lakkar Bazaar, near the Ridge and in the wards of the Mayor and Dy. Mayor. Other than that it is the same position as shown in this picture. The MC collects crores in the form of house tax but is not able to deliver a proper garbage disposal system to the city. The situation has become worse since the present Mayor and Dy. Mayor has taken over. The MC cancelled a contract with the company looking after garbage collection earlier. This was fine but they have failed to provide an alternate system. The ‘I don’t care’ attitude of the MC will ultimately hamper the tourism business in the city.

The MC Shimla is playing a cruel joke with the health of residents of Shimla. With winters approaching, all the water seeping into the baowris will get contaminated. Plus garbage lying in open attracts all kinds of rodents leading to catastrophic situation in future. How else you think plague happened in Surat!

MC Shimla has a disaster waiting to happen in its hands.


3 thoughts on “Stinking, Filthy Shimla

  1. Nityin,

    If i remember the honourable high court had ordered that dumpers to be removed from Shimla. I haven’t seen the judgement but what I understand is that the High Court wants door to collection of garbage to be implemented in Shimla. For this Chief Secretary has constituted a committee which is supposed to work out a new method for disposal of garbage. But than like with other govt initiatives … one year is a wink.

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