Celebrating Lohri and Makar Sakranti

Lohri has never been the same since last year. My toddler, Kaveri, born on Lohri is a year old and its been a great year seeing her grow up. Now she is into the crawling mode and hopefully soon will be running all around the house.

In my part of the world Lohri is followed by Makar Sakranti or the Magh. Magh is the day to savor the kichdi with loads of ghee. The day starts with a puja early morning and burning of paza leaves.

Coming back to Lohri, it was fun time in childhood asking Lohri in the neighborhood. We used to get loads of gajjak, jiggery and an occasional 5 rupee note which was then equaly distributed among the gang members.

Here is a Dulla Bhatti song.. Wonder how many guys still remember this…

Sunder mundriya..ho
Tera kaun vichara..ho
Dulla Bhatti walla..ho
Dulle ne ti viahiyi..ho
Saer Shakar payi..ho
Kudi de boje payee..ho
Shallu kaun samete..ho
Chacha galee dese..ho
Chache choori kutee..ho
Zamindaran lutee..ho
Zamindara sidaye..ho
Gin-gin pole layee..ho
Ik pola reh gaya..ho
Sipahi farh ke lei gaya..ho
Aakho mundao taana..
Mukai da dana..
Aana lei ke jana

Also postin a pic of Kaveri celebrating her first birthday.. and resting after her crawls in the lawns.

I would be taking sometime off and see you all in a weeks time. Happy Lohri everyone!

dsc00682.jpg dsc00589.jpg


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