Working from home experience

Working from home gets mixed bag reactions. First of all there is this dis-approval from the relatives. “Working from home? How can one work from home! Is he doing something worthwhile.” Then it is the better half who has this frown on her face as I seem to encroach her ‘working space’ during the day. I really feel guilty asking for a cup of tea during my work hours when it is supposed to be her off hours. I guess she has become bored seeing my face day in and out:) The only one who appreciates me working from home is my 17 month old sweetheart. She demands a seat on my lap and seems engrossed at the laptop.

Had an interesting incident recently when I applied for a credit card with my bank. I submitted my salary slip and all other required documents and was promised a quick action. The action started pretty quick! First got a call verifying my home and office address. I told her both were same. “How could it be?” came the reply. Well, I patiently explained my situation and she sounded a lot doubtful. Couple of days later another phone call came and this time the caller was a superior, I guess, making all kind of inquiries. What kind of work I do, how do I communicate with my corporate office, which company I work for, how long have been working with the company, whether a permanent employee or a free lancer and the list was endless. I was dazed with all the questioning but since I badly needed a credit card, so played along. This was followed by a visit from a guy from the bank who wanted to see my ‘office’ and the kind of work I do. Calls from the bank never ceased and this time they wanted to speak to my HR deptt. Damn, I should have thought of this earlier and saved myself a lot of trouble. Finally, got a call today that my application has been accepted and would receive the card soon.

I guess no one must have had this kind of unique experience to get a credit card. Is working from home such a taboo? I mean, we read a lot of stories of people working from home. Do such things happen with everyone. Is 9-6 office job, the real yardstick of a proper job. I think we guys sitting at home are more productive than people actually traveling to the office and doing work at their desk. At least we save hell of a time traveling back and forth and are on call any hour of the day. Though I miss the tea and lunch breaks and the office gossip!

Here is a video about working from home and this is not funny

Would love to read other people comments on working from home.


4 thoughts on “Working from home experience

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  2. Saw your post through Blogbharti… Faced as many difficulties getting a credit card because I work from home as well.

    I write about video games and run my own website, and unfortunately, have a bank account with a nationalised bank which does not issue credit cards. Which I need for online transactions. But other banks won’t issue me a card because, as a self-confessed self-employed person, I don’t even have the validation of a salary slip, and so even though there’s “enough” money in my account, they consider me a credit risk and won’t issue a credit card.

    Finally got around this issue with a rather roundabout tactic – opened an account with ICICI, dumped half my funds there and voila! But it still feels very unfair, all the headaches they caused.

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