Got screwed in Chandigarh

This week got screwed in Chandigarh and that too by the city traffic cop! Taking your car to Chandigarh has become a big headache. The traffic cops have there eyes set on Himachal registered cars. From the moment I crossed into Chandigarh at the railway station crossing I was flagged to stop four times and all my papers were checked and rechecked again. God knows what they were looking at! Finally at the PGI crossing, this cop, it seemed had made up his mind and once I stopped the car, plainly told me that my wife was not wearing the seat belt. Swearing under my breath, I asked him to look again. She wore it just now he told me. It was news to me as we both had been wearing the seat belt right from Shimla.

Another cop had the guts to tell me le-de kar khatam karlo. which really pi$$ed me off. I was damn furious. First of all, I was not at fault and then these guys were asking for a bribe. I asked him to prepare a challan and the cop looked at me beliwered as if asking what sort of guy was he talking to. I went to the Sector 29 office and paid the challan amount. Even the clerk, there told me – le dekar kam khatam kra dena si. One can guess how well oiled the machinary is..!!

I wonder how in Himachal we guys are so hospitable to the people coming here as our guests. The police here is so accomodating to the tourists and makes it a point not to harras them. On the other hand it is quite the opposite in Chandigarh especially to the Himachal drivers. A million dollar light appears on there face as soon as they see a HP numbered car with the crooked grin. Being a center for education and medical facilities and now recently having come up as an IT destination, Chandigarh is the most visited place by Himachalis. If this is the way people from Himachal are going to be treated in Chandigarh, then one day there could be some serious backlash. As such Chandigarh as a city is inhabited by the retired.. doling out  living from the govt pension funds and their children having moved to Delhi or far away. The city has no vibrancy and it is where the cops come in for the kill. Probably they also know they won’t get anything from the city oldies and look for the Himachalis to make a fast buck.

The least I had this satisfaction that I did not gave into the demands of the cops and bribed them


6 thoughts on “Got screwed in Chandigarh

  1. The Chandigarh Police atrocious when it comes to dealing with vehicles bearing Himachal number plates.

    It is appreciable that you did not give in to the demands of the corrupt police… and let the government exechquer benefit from the ransom demanded.

  2. @Ravinder ji

    Ransom is what I paid in Chandigarh. These cops play the tough cop-friendly cop game. One of them would do all the straight talk and the other would act friendly and try and broker a deal.

    As this seems to be a permanent problem for us Himachalis in Chandigarh, if anyone else feels like not paying the bribe, the challan office is situated at Sector 29-B and is open till 10 pm.

  3. Though I have never been to Shimla I love HP, particularly Spiti. Sorry to hear about your bad experience and so glad to read that you paid the chalan.

  4. No disrespect but is it not true that you have to pay just to enter the state of himachal pradesh if you are in a non himachal vehicle? As for hospitality I could say it cuts both ways, people visiting himachal spend their money there which drives the tourism industry. At least we have traffic police in Chandigarh in most other cities in North India it is a mess. So I think you should not talk about a “backlash” if you talk that way do not forget that the whole of your state was called the Punjab Hills and the city of Shimla was the capital of Punjab and the Punjabi tax payer is responsible for what its existence. I may also remind you that that just a few years ago there was no such place as Himachal. You have laws that severely curtail what other Indian citizens can do in your state whereas we are open to everyone. Can a non himachali buy any type of property in your state or can a non himachali easily get admission in any of your colleges : The answer is No. So if there has been no backlash from others till now, do not talk about that. If you respect others, you will get some as well.

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