Be careful how you blog

Supreme Court in a case of 19 year old blogger Ajith have slapped criminal charges for running a community on Orkut against Shiv Sena. As reported in The Hindu, this is what the Supreme Court observed.

You should not have indulged in such activity. You are a student of IT. You are doing something on internet and you should know about it.

The Hindu reports,

The Bench remained unmoved by the submission that if the case was not quashed, similar cases could be registered in other states and even in foreign countries. “If a case is filed in a foreign country go and face it. You should know what you are doing on internet,” the Bench observed.

The first question which arrives in the mind, What happened to the freedom of speech? Aren’t the bloggers supposed to speak their mind? Isn’t this gagging a powerful media like internet.

There are two very good opinions on the blogosphere for and against this issue.

What ever side you choose, be careful how you blog or you could be in some serious trouble with the law. This also includes the comments on the blog. Since you are responsible for the blog you will have to take responsibility for the comments too.

There is an irony in such a judgment. As one blogger commented:

Raj Thuggeray, Bal Thuggeray, Modi, Advani, Commies, the Congies responsible for the Sikh massacre etc are holy people. The villain now is a kid who has a anti Shiv Sena community on Orkut.

Bravo. This is all that our law enforcers can do.


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