Attack on Lankan players in Lahore

Another dark chapter has been added by the terrorists in the sub continent  with Lankan players being attacked in Lahore in the morning. As reported by The Dawn from Pakistan, 12 gunmen attacked the team bus with AK47, rocket launchers and hand grenades.

As per the report:

Star batsman Thilan Samaraweera and Tharanga Paranavithana were treated in hospital but out of danger, while Jayawardene, vice-captain Kumar Sangakkara, Ajantha Mendis, Thilina Thushara and Suranga Lokumal had minor injuries.

It could have been worse — Rehman said the attackers fired a rocket which missed the bus, then threw grenades underneath which failed to explode.

The conspiracy theories are out and Reuters have reported that a Pakistani Minister was quick to blame India for the attack.

The evidence which we have got shows that these terrorists entered from across the border from India," Sardar Nabil Ahmed Gabol, minister of state for shipping, told private Geo television. "This was a conspiracy to defame Pakistan internationally."

"This incident took place in reaction to 26/11," he said referring to the Mumbai attacks in November in which at least 170 people were killed. "It is a declaration of open war on Pakistan by India," said the minister, who is not one of the government’s official spokesmen, but belongs to President Asif Ali Zardari’s party.

Another Reuter report quoted Pakistani Information Minister Sherry Rehman denying the government had any information of any Indian involvement, contradicting comments by a junior cabinet minister who said the government had evidence the militants came from Pakistan’s old foe across the border.

An interesting analysis of this attack:

It’s a cricket team that’s attacked. In this incidence -The Paki army has no strategic gains to make – the LET & co. have everything to risk & loose with absolutely no gains – LTTE would rather attack on Sri Lankan soil & not in Pakistan – India would not dare target cricket & above all not an Asian team, same reasons as the Paki army & terrorist groups – that leaves out two more players – Sharif & Zardari -  Sharif again has no strategic gains by attacking a cricket team – Zardari, Sherry quickly ruled out India contradicting the army. Seems Zardari has decided to walk the mile & this is his second attempt, the first was nipped in the bud by Marriot attack – this is his reply to the army.

Had the Indian team gone ahead with it’s proposed tour to Pakistan the headlines would have been completely different. I shudder to think about the consequences it would have had on both the countries. Seems it is the end of Pakistan now where the ‘non state actors’ are controlling the entire country and the state actors have un-officially accepted defeat. Pakistan must understand it cannot be at peace by making peace with the terrorists. If things go as they are right now, India will have every right to cross it’s western borders to stabilize the situation. All ready there are reports of the possibility of Army stepping in again in Pakistan.


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