More on Lahore attack

If the Lankan cricketers had been killed in the attack, that would have been terrible. The attackers knew which bus was carrying the Sri Lankan team, when the bus was arriving at a certain place and the whole logistics of the security. Definitely there is an inside hand in the operation. Without the precise knowledge about the schedules and locations, this attack would have failed. In Mumbai, it became obvious that none of the attackers were from India. And they had to rely on GPS and wireless communications. And all of them had made the trip for the first time. So they had to resort to random shooting. Here, they seem to have known the area like the palms of their hands. So they got away.

The next time a terror strike happens in India, I fear it will be staged through locals who know a specific area. The ISI-terror network in Pakistan is learning from every operation. What they do not realize is that by attacking cricket, they have alienated the Pakistani public from themselves. To counter that they will stage a massive scale operation inside India. Any damage to India pacifies all Pakistanis.

India will have to track everything around in full alert. In Mumbai they had alerts from the US and Indian intelligence. Somehow, it got lost in the bureaucratic chain. They should now be better in watching all the signals.

I somehow get the feeling that something massive is being staged for India to divert the attention. I am sure some key department inside Pakistan or people in some establishment have staged this with the help of terror networks. But they will try to drag India into it this time. And India will be forced to retaliate. And hell will break loose.

The Pakistan government and the ISI are very well aware of who is behind the attacks. The paradox is that they cannot openly and in the true sense, blame it on Taliban/Lashkar for fear that more than the name, it is the underlying reason that’s going to jeopardize them internationally, their agenda on Kashmir, as also the proxy-war with India.


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