Gandhi’s legacy at auction

Mahatma Gandhi was famous for living a modest, austere life. His traditional clothes were made from yarn that he personally spun, and his few possessions were simple and utilitarian. He once gave away his glasses to an Indian Army Colonel, telling him that they were the “eyes” that made it possible for him to envision a free India, and his sandals, bowl, and watch were only excessive in their extreme simplicity. If Mahatma Gandhi had to revisit this earth and look at his newfound benefactor with his recently reclaimed glasses, he might break into that famous toothless chuckle of his, and the even more famous exhortation to the Lord, “Hey Ram!”

Considering the absurd amount been paid to bring the national ‘heritage’ back, I wonder whether the man himself would have approved. Gandhiji’s legacy was not materialism but high thinking. He stood for each person to be good and be good. What ever principle’s he expected from his country men and his party, the Congress, have long  been discarded. How much is Gandhiji alive in us? Ask the present generation about him and they won’t remember his birthday. How come we Indians and the govt. suddenly rose to the occasion to bring the heritage back to India. For what? To keep in a museum where the goras would come and pay the dollars. We Indians won’t even bother to look up the way to the museum!!

Is this what Gandhiji means to us – a plate, a bowl, a watch and his sandals?

High drama at NY auction
Gandhi auction: Images


3 thoughts on “Gandhi’s legacy at auction

    • I wonder how the Zenith watch squares with the swadeshi campaign. I read somewhere, that he used British shaving blades all his life.

      After all, he was jus human.

  1. Mahatma Gandhi resides in the heart of patriotic Indians.

    If some one has to grab belongings of Gandhi Ji, claim for his ideology.

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