Kolkata, the new London dreams Mamta

The latest one from Mamta Banerjee, the West Bengal politician at an election rally.

If Trinamool Congress comes to power, we’ll show what is called development. Tell me why East Midnapore’s vast coastline, Digha, cannot be turned into Goa? Or northern Bengal cannot be developed like Asia’s Switzerland, when we’ve all resources available in these regions?" Mamata told a press conference in Kolkata.

"Kolkata is an international place and it will be transformed into London, if Trinamool Congress comes to power," added Mamata.

This is the same politician who fought tooth and nail to oust Tata from Bengal. She just made it a prestige issue and Tata’s were forced to shift to Gujarat. Has she ever been to London? or will the people of Bengal especially the youth ever forgive her for the Singur fiasco?

Do politicians realize that they have turned themselves into clowns!!


2 thoughts on “Kolkata, the new London dreams Mamta

  1. I hope the youth of modern India will come forward in every way to uproot the unreliable leaders to stop them riding our heads…

  2. Oh yes the youth will forgive her and they did.

    Because unlike their ‘sophisticated’ elders they realize that chopping of hands of opposing party’s supporters , raping women, setting fire to houses and fertile land is FAR more important than buying a one-lakh car.

    In Singur, ordinary people know what is truly important and so she has won from there too in spite of all assurances by the chattering classes that she won’t.

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