G-20 London protests



There has been mass protests in London where the G-20 summit is on. The ire of the protesters has been the bankers who are being blamed for the current economic mess. Protesters vandalized Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS). The bank is at the centre of a row over £703,000-a-year pension payments to Sir Fred Goodwin, the disgraced former chief executive. The Guardian carried a story on the protests.

The G20 protests in central London turned violent today ahead of tomorrow’s summit, with a band of demonstrators close to the Bank of England storming a Royal Bank of Scotland branch, and baton-wielding police charging a sit-down protest by students. By about 8pm, running battles between riot police and demonstrators were taking place across London Bridge. Bottles, sticks and bricks were thrown.

Earlier in the day,protesters targeting the Bank of England were met by lines of police whose tactics were to try to pen demonstrators inside multiple cordons of officers. "It’s our street, it’s our street," the protesters chanted as they were forced forward on to the line.

At one stage, after midday, riot officers and police dogs and horses removed some 20 protesters who had spent a quarter of an hour ransacking an RBS branch, tearing out computers and telephones. To cheers and shouts, they smashed several of the bank’s windows, writing "burn a banker" and "scum" in spray paint. Police in riot gear inside the bank tackled protesters trying to climb in through the smashed windows.

Harry, dressed as the Grim Reaper, led the procession from Moorgate to the Bank of England. His costume did not amuse the police, however, who demanded that he remove his skull mask so they could see his face.

He said it was the first time he had marched in 10 years. "I’m protesting for the small individuals in Britain who have been left with their pants down as the government bails out the banks for billions of dollars. Where’s the money for the struggling baker, butcher, small marketing people and architectural companies?"

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