Color of money makes cricketers snub the president

In a shocking incident cricketers MS Dhoni and Harbajan Singh chose to stay away from the presidential ceremony of awarding Padma Shri. Both were reportedly busy shooting ads and could not make it to the Rashtrapati Bhawan.

Bhajji was quoted as saying,

“Maybe the next time I get an award, I will arrive there (at Rashtrapati Bhavan) two days in advance.”

Harbhajan was speaking to the media after signing a licensing and merchandising deal for his eponymous brand in the capital on Wednesday. Immediately thereafter, he flew to Mumbai to sign a blogging deal with, which was announced with much fanfare during the day.

Cricketers love to say "I am happy to play for my country." I think it is pure garbage.  Cricketers are the richest sportspersons in India. Lets better not mix patriotism into that huge business. It doesn’t sound good. The incident reinforces the general impression that while players of other games play for the sake of the game, name, fame and the country, our cricketers play for money, money & money only.

Are they really worthy of a Padma Shri?


3 thoughts on “Color of money makes cricketers snub the president

  1. We the viewers of cricket matches have made te players feel like God.

    Selection for Padma Shree, the official award from the president of country is the highest honor for any Indian citizen excelling in various fields.

    I do not agree with the relaxed attitude of players. I condemn and criticize them for not attending the award function to receive the most prestigious Award.

    Both players were in the country and did not travel to New Delhi and neither felt like sending any intimation.

  2. @Rohit
    A typical small town mentality of both the cricketers. Money has blinded them. Harbhajan has become too big for his shoes. He will have a mighty fall some day!

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