Indian hunting in Australia

indian Indian students in Australia have been in a mid of potential racial storm. Four incidents of attacks on Indian students have been reported in the past week. It has been reported that anger has been mounting among Indian students in Australia. The Federation of Indian Students in Australia (FISA) has called for a peace rally on Sunday in response to the growing anger in the community against increasing hate crimes. The rally will start from the Royal Melbourne Hospital where Shravan Kumar is lying in coma, who was stabbed earlier with a screwdriver by a group of teenagers is battling for life, and will conclude at the Victorian Parliament House.

Another student, Baljinder Singh, stabbed by two attackers early this week, has been discharged from hospital, while Rajesh Kumar, who suffered 30 per cent burns after a petrol bomb was hurled at him in his home, is being treated in a Sydney hospital.

The Australian media and the police have been accused of down playing the attacks. In Australia, the attacks are referred to as “curry bashing”. To “curry bash”, is to go out find an Indian and target him. The term completely downplays the attack, giving it a ‘fun’ connotation, which it is not. Pure racist terrorism is being alleged.

Sanjeev Sablok, an Indian working in Australia disagrees with the racism angle to the attacks. He has some interesting observations on his blog.

Bad behavior is not an excuse to beat or stab anyone. Racism, isolated or widespread, in many countries against Indians has been largely ignored by everybody, including Indians themselves. In the present India economic superpower of future times, and with many young Indians growing up without any colonial baggage, these kinds of incidents are likely to get much more prominence and evince much lower tolerance than before.

These kind of attacks will increase as the world economy continues in a recession. Immigrants or even potential immigrants, as many students are, are seen as threats by the minority of people.  As general intolerance in our world increases, as it has and as it will be more, and the victims fight back. Our prejudices surface faster under pressure and fear. The only way prejudice reduces is when one exposes the morons in any society to the potential victims.

At stake is Australia’s reputation as a safe destination for Indian students


6 thoughts on “Indian hunting in Australia

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  3. When will these bloody uncivilized Australian people learn? This is a shame for Australians worldwide. They are good at nothing, besides being known for their zero culture and aggressive shoddy behavior, which is understood as you rightly said that their origin lies in their forefathers who formed the country- people who criminals and anti-socials from England banished by the English government to Australia – the penal island. Shameful. Look at how unprofessional they are. They can’t even fulfill their responsibility of providing protection to their Indian patrons who provide you with a bless them with 60% of their higher ed income, in the absence of which they would be crippled. Ban entry to this junglee country

  4. Wow, I find it amazing that some people making comments, like Rama and Preeti Singh, are so indignant about the racism and violence happening in Australia that they themselves promote racism (Rama) and violence (Preeti Singh).
    I am an Australian with Asian background, and I have experienced some racism. Some of my friends of African or South Asian background have experienced more than I have. Yet as a whole, Australia is an easy-going, fairly accepting place. Some South Asians I know who have grown up in Australia have almost no experience of racism.

    Yes, there are racists and thugs in Australia. I don’t doubt that there are some in India too. But don’t judge the country by the actions of a few of its people.

  5. I somewhere agree to Eurasian Sensation coz all the racial storm are somewhere dictated for personal grudges and benefits.

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