King of pop

Michael-Jackson-no-longer-never Way back in 1984, when I was in class VI, my cousin sister gave me a cassette, Thriller. The music was electrifying and I was then drawn to the western pop music and to the man itself whose name my generation will never ever forget.

Michael Jackson.

Back then, there was no MTV. Doordarshan was the only one giving darshans and Pop music programs were a big no no in our middle class households. As such not much of Western pop was aired on DD. It was left to we kids getting hold of cassettes from friends. It was later when satellite television arrived with MTV that I was able to see his videos and watch his dance steps, the lock, the pop, the trouser pull, the shoulder pat, and the moonwalk.

He was the first introduction to Western Pop for most of us who grew up in the 80s. And he was hugely popular in India, more so than people realize. For some reason, he was way popular in India for his dance moves than his songs. An entire generation of people grew up imitating his “break dance” moves. Revolutionary indeed. But without a speck of doubt, he was a part of childhood. Our generation’s childhood.

He was too young to die, though the last few years were not kind on him. He inspired generations to dance, and dance in a way no one else had before.

MJ, you stand proud in that indelible galaxy of the unforgettable greats of Buddy, Nat, Elvis, Beatles & Freddy.

Thanks for the music, MJ.


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