Anti ragging law passed in Himachal

Finally, the anti ragging bill was passed by the Himachal Pradesh Assembly today. True to the tradition of opposing everything thing a govt. does, Congress was quick to oppose the Bill in the present format. Congress President, Thakur Kaul Singh objected  to the clause debarring a student found involved in ragging from taking admission to any educational institution in the state. He felt such a clause could defeat the fundamental right to education.

This is entirely laughable. Thakur Sahib and his Congress has still not understood the seriousness of the situation or they are just acting dumb and stupid. He talks about fundamental right of education but does this supersedes the right for a conducive environment in a campus? For the record, if a student is found guilty of ragging he must land in jail. Why not amend the jail rules and let the student complete his study while in prison if there is no such provision yet. There has to be a zero tolerance on ragging and there should be no loop holes left in the law for the guilty to escape.

While it is the professional colleges in the state where menace of ragging is rampant, there is no doubt it will be misused grossly by student political parties. There will now be a major increase in complaints in the (worthless) degree colleges and University about students being ragged by other student leaders. It is a small price to pay for innocent students getting killed during ragging.

On the other hand, since the Bill stipulates penalties on the college administration directly, colleges will be reluctant to lodge a genuine complaint of ragging. Overall, colleges will now become a little pro-active to stop ragging on campus.

Ultimately, it is the fear of punishment which will curb ragging in our colleges. If students know their career can be destroyed by an act of drunken stupor they will refrain from ragging. Much will depend on the punishment given in the Aman Kachru case. Somewhere down the line the stick has to be used and used brutally!


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