Legal status of IIMA?

In a report in DNA, Gujarat High Court is to decide on the legal status of IIM-Ahmedabad. The HC will decide whether the legal status of IIM-A  is of an autonomous institution, a State or an instrumentality of State. The judgment is due on August 25.

The issue has arisen in the context of a case filed by a former employee of the institute  challenging her dismissal order by the management. Minakshi Ganeriwala, through her counsel Mukul Sinha, contended that she was appointed as an IT manager of IIM-A by the then director, Bakul Dholakiya, and she had given up her lucrative job in the US to serve the institute. She further stated that, despite having performed her duties satisfactorily, she was illegally dismissed by the present director in complete violation of the principle of natural justice.

The IIM-A counsel, Nandish Chudgar, countered the argument by stating that the petition was not maintainable as the institute was an autonomous institution – it did not fall under the status of ‘State’ and ‘an instrumentality of State’ under Article 12 of the constitution, as held by a division bench of the Gujarat high court in 2002 in a case against IIM-A.

IIMA is on the verge of discovering "Who am I?"


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