Use OpenDNS for smooth Internet browsing

If you are a BSNL broadband user in Himachal (Dataone service) you must have faced problems of few websites not opening in your browser. For example a popular Himachal daily news blog My Himachal does not open on BSNL connection at times. Even popular sites like Rediff, Ebay and Sony gets blocked.

When an address like is typed in a browser, the computer does Opendns not know where this site is located and directs the query to BSNL DNS server. The DNS server translates the popular name of the website to the computer readable number also known as IP address ( Once the DNS server translates the website domain to the IP address and locates it on the internet, the website is opened on your computer browser.

The DNS servers of BSNL are slow and at times miss the IP address of websites resulting in sites not opening in your browser. Instead of using the BSNL DNS server you can configure your computer to use the OpenDNS servers and boost performance and reliability. OpenDNS speeds up your Internet experience and websites open faster on your computer. OpenDNS operates the largest and most intelligent DNS caches in the world and is a zero downtime DNS network. You need to add the following server settings in your computer

Follow the steps below to configure your computer to  use OpenDNS.

1. Go to Start > Connect to > Connect to a network


2.  Right click on your BSNL modem icon and select Status

3. A dialogue box will open. Click on properties.


4. A dialogue box will open asking for your permission. Click on continue.

5. In the properties box go to Networking > Select Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4) and click on Properties.


6. In Internet Protocol(TCP/IP) Properties, Go to General tab and fill the OpenDNS values  as shown below.


Primary DNS Server:

Secondary DNS Server:

7. Click on ok and then stop and start your modem again.

Go to OpenDNS site and confirm your settings are working. You will see a dialogue box on the main page as below.



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