Teachers and their forgotten day

guru shishya On September 5, I received a Tweet from a friend saying, Today is Teacher’s Day. Hope you still remember your teachers. Teachers and school happened a long time back. Refreshing school memories I picked up the phone and called up old classmates. Later I took out my school album, I still have one, and went over the years bygone. School mates, teachers, Principal.. it was nostalgic.

This post is not about remembering those nostalgic days but about the present mess we have  created in education. Schools have now turned into shops, some of them costly ones. A teacher is more of a salesman in the shop. Teacher’s Day have turned into one of those customary days, which we observe like some of the other calendar marked days. This de-grading has been gradual over the years. Once a noble profession, teaching has now ended up in tuition classes. From school classes to coaching classes, it has been a terrible rot.

Our education system coupled with the peer’s obsession for percentage rather than aptitude is also to be blamed. Once a cherished school life has been turned into nightmare. Schools, coaching classes, school tests, coaching class tests, we are simply torturing the students. Teachers too have been caught up in this vicious cycle and the lure of making easy money is too good to resist. Today our entire education system is being run by coaching classes, be it the teachers, students or the parents.

The government run sarkari schools stand lowest in this education pyramid. There was a time when people did not send their children to private schools. These sarkari schools were considered the best. They had the best teachers and a good infrastructure and tradition of sports. See where these schools stand today, just in a span of 40 years. Sarkari teachers have started outsourcing their jobs!

It is high time we bring in some accountability to the teaching profession and introduce dynamism to the entire education system. We are still following the old British way of education. To start with let teachers be treated as professionals and not someone who failed to get a job elsewhere. Maybe this will create a new breed of teachers who are committed to the profession.  Somehow the Guru and shishya forgot the mantra:

Guru Brahma guru Vishnu guru devo Maheswarah
Guru sakshat parambrahmah tasmi sri gurave namah

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4 thoughts on “Teachers and their forgotten day

  1. Very true, Nityin ! Private School teachers have always delivered better than the Government School teachers and sometimes, even at less than half the salary.
    Exceptions may be there, for exceptions prove the rule. I am all regard for my former teachers in a private School to whom teaching was more a mission than a profession.

    • Hi aarkay.. Many thanks for dropping in.

      What I have noticed over the years is now even private school teachers are not behind in the rat race of coaching classes. Yes it may be an exception in the top-notch schools. Somehow the education sector needs to be put back into some kind of orderly fashion. I dread sending my kids to school now. Learning has to be apptitude based.

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