Dhoni – The millionaire

Captain Dhoni Mahindra Singh Dhoni, the current Indian captain has been named the richest cricketer in the world. Forbe’s magazine recently released a list of top ten richest cricketers. Interestingly top four richest cricketers are from India. Saurav ‘Dada’ Ganguli also features in the list at number 6. Top Indian players and their earnings are:

Dhoni – USD 10 Million
Sachin Tendulkar – USD 8 Million
Yuvraj Singh – USD 5.5 Million
Rahul Dravid – USD 5 Million
Sourav Ganguly – USD 3.5 Million

Whoa!! 10 million dollars! That is a whopping amount for an Indian sports person. No doubt, this kind of money can make one skip the presidential ceremony and the Padma Bhushan awards. Topping the Forbe’s list has it’s own orgasmic pleasure which no award on earth can give! Before I sound someone who is jealous of Dhoni’s feat,  yes… I am! I belong to a generation who was taught “paroge likhoge banoge nawab, kheloge kudoge hoge kharab”. (If you study you will become an officer and if you play your life will get spoiled) All those who came up with this great piece of advise would now be turning in their graves. Here is a lad, just 27 and has pocketed 50 crores in just one year. Even the retired cricketers must be marveling at Dhoni’s feat.

It all started with Sachin’s grand debut and he showed how real money can be made from cricket. Earlier generation of cricketers would retire with a job in Railways / Airlines or some other PSU to see them through during later years. Some turned to commentary and became media stars but the prime of their youth spent on the green-fields, though was full  of achievements but albeit empty coffers.

State of affairs of other sports remain dismissal. No infra-structure at the grass root and no facilities at the national level. Indian sports ministry runs these sports federation and we all know how great the government is in screwing up things. Till the time these federations are controlled by the Ministry, their players can simply dream of earning this kind of money. I am sure players from other sports must be questioning why cricketers earn so much? It is time they confront the establishment.

dhoni Dhoni has had a dream career till now. He has been a lucky charm for the Indian team though I personally feel his own performance at times has not been up to the mark. But if the companies are happy so are we! Indian sports outside the government  influence can look for some  serious money in future. Tennis Star Roger Federer, who recently won the 15th grand slam, is being reported to  earn 50 million dollars(250 crores ) through his career alone. This figure is without any advertising revenue.

Quite possible within next generations of Indian sports? Why not!

(Images sourced from the Internet)

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