Copy cats galore in my himachal

copy cat This blog has been a hard work of 2 years. Many a nights were spent conceptualising, writing and posting. So how do I feel when content is lifted from this blog and posted on a daily news site.

While going through a recent post on My Himachal (, Jalori Pass: Don’t Give This A Pass these lines looked familiar.

Jibbi is a decent village with a few shops and a good eating joint on the main road run by a lady from Delhi who is married to a local and has some amusing stories to share. Don’t miss out the gharat installed in the backyard of the house. It is quite something which one doesn’t see around these days. Marvel of village engineering. See a few foreign faces at Jibbi bazaar.

I referred to my blog post Crossing the Jallori Pass and confirmed these were indeed written by yours truly. I had posted to my blog on June 2, 2008. Obviously, I met this lady from Delhi and listened to her amusing stories and saw the  Gharat first and marveled about the village engineering. Now this writer Ananda Banerjee, in his article lifted the very same words. I did not mention the name of this joint in my post and so hasn’t he.  A plain simple copy and paste trick.

Now comes the funny part, I contacted the owners at My Himachal site, posted a comment on the site requesting them to remove this article. I was promised action soon. An email appeared in my mail box written by Ananda Banerjee to My Himachal

Thanks for the email has forwarded it to the desk editor who subs copies and adds to the copy before it goes to the print. This was a originally written as a drive road drive coverted to a trek.

So the matter ends up here! The oldest excuse in the world.. desk editor did it. My Himachal conveniently edited the post. I was told Ananda Banerjee is an established writer and he won’t do anything like this. Established writer??? Even a chavvani chhap blogger like me does not scout the Internet to complete an article. An established writer cannot commit theft.. Wow!! My comment about the theft has not been published till date. The very same article was also published in the Daily Pioneer and still contains the above mentioned words. Some one has been collecting bucks at my expense indeed!!

I know that whatever we create is our own intellectual property whether we put a copyright notice or not. How these people have the guts to post things they don’t produce?  I fail to understand this kind of behavior of benefiting on others expense and hard work to earn a living. I can’t make a dime of my own work but apparently others are able to do well with it. Looks like they ran out of dignity as well.

Here is an unedited version of the article on My Himachal and a link to The Pioneer article.



11 thoughts on “Copy cats galore in my himachal

  1. Sad. Plagirism sucks. But see it the other way around – somebody is trying to use your intellectual property to draw crowd for his website, this mean your write-up is so so good 🙂

    • Yoj.. I won’t mind if the same is attributed to me with a link. This guy here has been probably paid as he happens to be an “established writer.” My write-up may be good or bad or ugly… but ain’t this theft?

      Thank you for your comments.

  2. well, that’s bad. and m sorry for it. Having worked for MH i seriously feel bad about it.

    I hope they publish ur comment and also apologise for it, which is def the correct way. plus, link you.

    But on the other side of it, I see that the ‘established writer’ shudnt have done it in the first place…

    I have mixed thoughts!

    • Thanks for reading my post and taking the time to comment.

      I tried reasoning with them but the content was changed without posting my comment. My comment has now appeared on their site after this post came out, with a clarification.

  3. problem with the guy who owns it knows nothing about journalism. It is not the 1st instance that they have lifted. in the past too a smart guy sent himvani an article. we edited it and published it. after 6 months the smart guy sends the edited version, they publish it as it is. you can’t sue him also as our friend sits in the usa.

    Comment Edited.

    • I had brought this to the notice of Avnish and sent him a Google cache link, my comment was still not published. I was in touch with him and he asked me to be patient. Fine… ok… Once the mail from Ananda came, he simply edited the article, despite me asking him not to do so, and again my comment was not published. Now articles have a very short life and hold the reader’s eye till they are in the Featured section. Since yesterday this article is appearing without the lifted content. As my comment was not published a reader cannot know that this article has lifted material. What I fail to understand, why was the article edited (despite my reservation) and my comment not published since I was promised action.

      Your actions speak for yourself. Whether you sit in USA or the moon or Jhumri Talliya… if your words don’t match your action…Ultimately, it all boils down to credibility.

      Had to moderate your comment to keep it enjoyable for others. Thanks for passing these neck of woods!

    • Surender,

      You are being unfair to Avnish, for submitting an article edited or unedited is the propriety of the writer.

      Though, I was not associated with MH then but what I gather from your comment is that MH had only provided a platform to put out the article by the unnamed ‘smart guy’ you mention.

      And you cannot fault Avnish for that.

      • Ravinder,
        There is something known as copyright as well. If you submit an article to a publication that becomes a copyright of the publication. Well, I am not associated with HV anymore. But when I was at the helm of affairs, the policy clearly said that writers can resend their articles to other publications provided they send the original. We allowed to resend the article as we were not paying anything to the writer.

        Well that was first breach of trust and the unspoken agreement between HV and the writer, when the writer did not send his shoddy copy. Instead he chose to send the painstakingly better and improved copy to MH.

        Well so far so good. Avnish cannot be faulted for publishing the article. But once it was brought to his notice, he should have taken care of what to do with it. It more so just flatters me only that the copy was so good that MH decided to post HV’s edited copy without a word changed in the body and a word changed in the headline and a word added there. The addition was – Himachal, and that too for SEO purpose.

        And well I’m ready to relearn journalism, if you call that as the prerogative of the Writer and subsequently the decision of the Editor for not having removed the copy. And ready to learn from you too, but not from any Tom Dick and Harry who cannot put his ‘a’ and ‘an’ and ‘the’ in place.

        Furthermore, with how Nityin was treated and how he and his articles were dealt with, it only strengthens my conviction that MH works on no ethics and scruples.

        Judge for yourself.

        I have always followed both HV and MH clearly and felt that competition always brings the best. I don’t want to comment on the present state of affairs since I’m no longer associated with HV and so from a neutral person, let me remind you what I had noticed once upon a time – a debate on the copyright issues on MH, where a copy was lifted straight away from The Pioneer. Or was this writer a ‘smart guy’ too who was, more than MH fooling The Pioneer. MH would like the copy, but The Pioneer wouldn’t. Refresh your memory(ies), by having a relook at the Comments @:

        Nityin is right in suggesting that Editors are too lethargic to do any reality check. I for instance, while working with afaqs[dot]com and its sister concern The Brand Reporter had a chance to head a section where we took contributions from Media leaders for a Books’ Section. Keert** A*********, a senior official of STAR Plus (let me not name the person completely here) sent his review. It passed under my nose to my Editor. Who called me in to his cabin and gave a me a good firing for not having cross checked as the review sent by KA was lifted from the internet. Well it is the prerogative of the Editor to cross check the source and the story and equally doubt the reporter too. But why am I saying all this, particularly when you have already brought to my notice about the prerogative of the writer and of Mr Katoch too and blamed me for being unfair to him.

        It is because of these pseudo journalists that professional journalists today are in the firing line by Nityin and others. Sorry Nityin, you really are a Chavvani Chaap and good that you realised it early. So for having hurt the sentiments and for being unfair to Avnish, I apologise to all and him – profusely, and rest my case

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