Himachal blogs – How do you search?

himachal blogs and bloggers I am back after staying away from ‘writing’ blog for the past one week. The time was spent learning a little bit about Himachal blogs and their readers. I exchanged few lengthy emails with my readers on this blog, Himachal Live and Himachal Travel Blog. One of the most important thing I discovered was people did not know much about Himachal bloggers. I have made a fair bit of readership piggy riding on Himvani site. There used to be a link for my blog and I was able to get some traffic. That was mighty thankful of the Himvani guys. In fact both big ‘brothers’ should maintain a page about Himachal bloggers. This can be really helpful for bloggers to get noticed.

Nothing gives more pleasure when you have visitors coming to your site and commenting. I found apart from the 2 news sites, very few people comment on other Himachal blogs. This despite Google analytics showing daily page views of 600. I don’t know why our readers are so ‘miser’ with comments? Good, bad, ugly, c**p. Come on.. please let us know!! This was a major problem earlier on Shimla Hangout Yahoo group too. More than 2300 members and just handful of members participating in discussions. Give us Himachalis some political news and readers simply love to  jump into these discussions.

Most of the readers who come online are non resident Himachalis hunting news from back home. They normally surf for max 30 minutes. Switching between the two ‘news’ blogs takes 20 minutes. Remaining blogs are surfed in the rest 10 minutes leaving very less time to catch hold their attention. I have all along resisted the temptation of posting news based articles. The other segment, resident Himachalis mostly is still miles away from the blogging world.

The challenge here is to create content which is appealing to the non resident readers other than posting daily news. While surfing for Himachal blogs/sites I found there are now a number of news sites. A refreshing change comes out in these three blogs, a picture-card blog, a tech blog from Shimla based blogger and a marvelous blog which should be in everyone’s bookmarks.

I have created a group for Himachal bloggers on Friendfeed (FF). One just have to log in and leave the address of your blog. Blog feeds will be added to this group. Every time a post is published the feed will be automatically updated. Friendfeed is a great medium to publicise your blog. It is promoted by Facebook. You can add your feeds from FF to your Facebook account. Unlike Twitter, you don’t have to be online on FF to post a link. Remember there are more Himachalis on Facebook than Twitter.

This is an attempt to let people find Himachal blogs and bloggers. If you are a professional writer or some one writing a personal blog or even maintaining tripod pages simply leave a link. Please mention a link to the Himachal blogger Friendfeed group on your blog once you join in. Not to mention just pass on the link to other fellow bloggers.

As a blogger do share your experiences and if you are a reader let us know how you search for Himachal blogs. I would like to hear from the horses mouth. 🙂

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