Google offline typing tool for Indian languages

GoogleWifi Google is on the roll this December and have launched a variety of services for the internet as well as desktop. Google has been very active on launching new services as it is moving towards it’s goal of making the internet faster and moving of applications from your desktop to the internet. I will discuss the tools which will be a lot helpful in everyday use on and off the internet.

Offline typing tool for Indian languages

Typing in Indian languages was taken to another level by the Google transliteration tools which made blogging in Indian languages very easy and offering Gmail in Indian languages. Only drawback of the transliteration tool is one has to be online to use this tool.

Now Google has launched an offline typing tool for Indian languages called the Google Transliteration IME. One can now type in majority of Indian languages namely, Bengali, Gujarati, Hindi, Kannada, Malayalam, Marathi, Punjabi, Tamil, Telugu and Urdu. The transliteration IME tool can be installed to any XP/Vista/Windows 7 based computer. Simply select the IME language and download the tool.

The tool offers suggestions for spellings while typing just as in the online version and remembers the spelling which is chosen the first time. One installed on the computer it resides in the shortcut bar on the desktop as shown in the screen below. Once you need to type in Indian language, simply select the Google key board and start typing.

google indic keyboard

On XP based computers one can change the keyboards by going to Control options > Regional and Language Options > Keyboard and Languages and change the keyboard to Google Hindi Input or the language of your choice as per screen shot below.


You can use this tool to type in MS word if you have the corresponding font installed on your computer. You can also type directly on any web bases application like Twitter and Facebook.

Google DNS

Google DNS is another service launched by Google recently. By using Google DNS you can bypass your ISP DNS server. I had earlier written about another great DNS service, Open DNS. Follow the steps mentioned in the post and change the Google DNS server settings as following.

Primary DNS Server:

Secondary DNS Server:

Google Short URL

The new short url service is from Google.  This has been launched in the Google tool bar and Firefox and Chrome extension. In case you are using IE, Safari or Opera you can bookmark this link for url shortener service. has also been integrated to Feedburner feed with Twitter. If you have a blog, every time your blog feed is updated on Feedburner, it sends a Tweet to the linked account about the new article using the url shoterner. This saves a lot of time posting manually tweets about the new post. By integrating the feed to your twitter account, a tweet is automatically sent about new post to all your twitter followers.

Go to your Feedburner account. Under Publicize, choose Socialize and add a twitter account to your feed. Check the screenshot below.


By launching new services and tools Google very soon is going to change the very DNA of the internet. In case you have tried any of these services do let me know your experiences and do you think we are getting dependent on Google for everything on Internet?

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3 thoughts on “Google offline typing tool for Indian languages

  1. I love Google’s Transliterate service used it heavily last month. I think this software got released very recently, wasn’t there last month.

    Tried Google Public DNS ,was not good ,besides even if it did come good later, i won’t be using it as Google already is collecting too much private data from its other services.
    Sticking with OpenDNS.

    • Google DNS works fine at my end. As long as we remain on the right side of the law, I think we have nothing to fear about collecting data. Thanks for commenting.

  2. I would like to do typing in hindi as I do on gmail page.It is very good as it needs not any special key efforts simply typing of roman it changes it all in hindi.Please provide it offline too.

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