Sexual perverts being custodians of law.. !!

The year 2009 saw the high and mighty biting the dust. While it was a top cop of Haryana with a Talibani mindset who finally caught up with the law after a brave and lone battle of the Girhotra family, towards the end of the year it was ND Tiwari who grabbed the headlines with orgies being organised in the Rajbhavan.

Governor of the state is known as the first citizen of the state. ND Tiwari by his actions reduced the office of His Excellency to His Sexellency. His antics were aired on television and the entire country watched the Sexellency in disbelief!! Reports which have come out is even more shocking. His OSD Arvind Sharma would fix girls through pimps and brokers who would then be sneaked into the Rajbhavan as temporary employees. One such girl named Radhika with two other girls approached the media with proof including video footage which showed the country of happenings behind the four walls of Raj Bhawan.

ND Tiwari has long been in news. During his tenure as Uttrakhand Chief Minister, his tenure was marked with similar allegations. A folk singer, Narinder Singh Negi came out with a video, Nauchami Narayana which ultimately proved doom for his party in elections later. Watch the video.

Now a word about SPS Rathore, the ex top cop of Haryana and a convicted child molester. Here is a story of a family of Ruchika who was destroyed by taking the system to task. The most disturbing factor here is the bhai-chara shown by the fellow bureaucrats in this case to protect Rathore right from the very beginning. Had it not been the way he swaggered out of the court when sentenced to a six months sentence and a laughable amount as fine he would be now filing appeal in higher courts against the verdict and making sure that the justice was delayed as it was done till now.

sps rathore The child molestorRathore was shielded all these years by the very establishment which has lost it’s ability to differentiate a wrong from right. This is the very same Talibani mindset which is so infatuated by power. The complaint against Rathore was made in August 1990, departmental inquiry completed in September 1990 but the FIR was registered in 1999 only after a CBI inquiry.

In the mean time Rathore became the DGP of Haryana Police. Not that the politicians and bureaucrats of Haryana were not aware of him being a child molester but they considered this as a harmless fun on the side. So much so that none even bothered to even give a thought that this man was becoming the custodian of law in the state.

Even more disturbing is the conduct of the school where Ruchika studied. Under pressure from Rathore the school expelled the girl from school. So much so for the school authorities which have taken vows in the name of God! The school showed no remorse being a party to intimidation to Ruchika’s family. This incident demands an explanation from the Church; whom do their institutions serve? God or a child molester!!

The danger is we are ruled by sexual perverts. People who are supposed to make and uphold law in this country are perverts of the highest order. And sadly the ‘system’ in this country takes good care of them all.

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4 thoughts on “Sexual perverts being custodians of law.. !!

  1. Really liked the way U summarised the things, In fact, its our illuck that we are ruled by the misrulers. Hamen unse hai wafa ki umeed jo nahin jante wafa kya hai ?

  2. ya sir aapne ek dum sahi likha hai iss tarah ke netao or officers ko toh sadak par la kar goli maar deni chahiye hum log itne vishwas se inhe chunte hai inn par vishwas karte hai par yeh hawas ke darinde sab kuch bhula kar bus apne bare mein hi sochte hai

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