Himachal Live now in top three Google search results

himachal liveA quick post after a very long time. Not that I have been away from the blogging world but Himachal Live blog has been taking much of my time. Keeping a track of daily news is a daunting task and to add that I not being a trained journalist makes my work equally responsible as I have to really work hard on the stories.

Here is something which I wanted to share about Himachal Live blog. The most common keyword to reach this blog has been β€˜Himachal News’ on Google. I am happy to share that on Google India site (www.google.co.in) Himachal Live blog now appears on number three in the search results. Just check the screenshot below.

Himachal Live Google search

It means by default if one types google.com from India in his browser, he is automatically redirected to the google.co.in site. Since Himachal Live now appears in top three search result, the page views over the month have increased tremendously.

News on google.com front is also encouraging. On the default google.com site Himachal Live blog is appearing on number 4 result. See the result below.

Himachal Live search result

Here if you do a search in your browser, the search page automatically opens on google.com website.

Himachal Live being a one man army outfit Smile, where I work as an editor, reporter, proof reader, seo consultant, peon and cook myself, it gives me great pleasure to share this feat with all of you.

SEO and SERP has been something which I have been working on lately. Off late Himachal Live blog has been taking all my spare time and with a new full time job, performing all the above mentioned work has really been a daunting task.

Thanking you all my readers, contributors, well wishers and all those who threatened to sue me for not toeing their line lately. (Yes, I got threatened for a legal suit for writing against some high and mighty this year)

As I said earlier, I am not a trained journalist but I am looking for a few though to share some of my work load. If you wish to contribute do send me a line and we can take it forward.

Lastly, a big thanks to Varun from Himvani for giving Himachal Live a platform to run and Surender (ex Himvani) to keep the idea of Himachal Live floating.

Cheers everyone and wishing you all a very Happy Diwali in advance.


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