Microsoft Outlook or Gmail – Which is better?

outlook or gmailMicrosoft recently revamped it’s popular email service Hotmail to Outlook and all email accounts on Hotmail are being upgraded to Outlook. While Hotmail addresses can still be used on domain new email address can also be created on domain.

Microsoft is spending a whooping US $30 million to promote against Gmail. So is it really worth it? Read on..

I shifted one of my Google Apps domain to Outlook to start with. The shifting was quick. Just had to remove the Google Apps settings and added the MS and email was all set up. Took me about 5 minutes to make the switch.

Why did I made the switch? I took the decision because the UI of Gmail had gone too ad oriented. While reading emails, you have Google advertisements surrounding the email making reading mails quite a hard task. Also writing emails on Outlook is a treat as you have a full page with no advertisements anywhere. email screenshot reading pane has no advertisements

On the other hand Gmail UI is cluttered with advertisements. If you are heavy email user reading mails on Gmail becomes quite a task.

Gmail screenshot

Gmail UI is full of advertisements.

Feature wise, Gmail scores over Outlook any day and is miles ahead. While Gmail can be used on any desktop based Email reader like Outlook, Thunderbird etc, is completely MS family oriented. Works only on MS Outlook and Windows Live Email.

After using Outlook, I have noticed how great Gmail is. To start, reading other Emails in Outlook is at par with Gmail but it is while sending Emails where Gmail scores over Outlook.

I had two other email accounts mapped to my Gmail account earlier. I could send emails from the respective email accounts with their own names and signatures. Sorry, this facility is not available in Outlook. You can send email from the respective email accounts but it goes with the name of default account and there is no option to have independent signatures for each account.

Signatures are again a problem in Outlook. There is some sort of word limit to signatures. If you have a lengthy signature with a disclaimer, forget using it on Outlook. This is quite frustrating.

If you are used to Labs and Gadgets functions of Gmail, it will be quite an disappointment since Outlook does not support it.

So why use Outlook then? I chose it simply for two reasons.

  • Firstly the user interface of Outlook. Reading and writing emails on Outlook is a treat with minimal and no advertisements compared to Gmail where the email reading space has shrunk considerably due to the advertisements.
  • Secondly Google Apps give only 10 free users while on Outlook you can have 50 free email accounts.

If you plan to move from Gmail to Outlook, you may be in for some form of disappointment as Outlook has some serious catching up to do but if like me you look forward to an advertisement free page to read and write emails, then Outlook is perfect.

Have you tried Would you consider switching from Gmail to Outlook? Do mention your views in the comments.


2 thoughts on “Microsoft Outlook or Gmail – Which is better?

  1. My main reason is puting everything to google. My search engine, my email, my photo on line. I am also worried of google reading my emails for adverts.

    I d be willing to pay ANY provider around £30 a year to have TOTAL privacy ad free mail

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