Car dealers monopoly in Himachal Pradesh

himachal carsDecision of Himachal Pradesh Government to impose 5% entry tax on vehicles purchased from outside the state is pinching the pockets hard. This decision has resulted in dealers getting a complete monopoly and buyers are now left completely at the mercy of the dealers.

Earlier there was an option to buy cars from Chandigarh, Punjab or Haryana as the dealers there used to offer handsome discount and freebies when buying a car. This used to pressure the dealers in Himachal also to offer schemes. Once the said decision was implemented, the dealers in Himachal have got a virtual monopoly and have stopped all schemes, discounts etc and are minting money at the cost of the buyer.

The government was not loosing any money as all central taxes like VAT etc. were already being charged by the dealers outside the state. As these vehicles used to get registered in Himachal and govt was getting it’s due in form of road tax etc. Continue reading


Himachal blogs – How do you search?

himachal blogs and bloggers I am back after staying away from ‘writing’ blog for the past one week. The time was spent learning a little bit about Himachal blogs and their readers. I exchanged few lengthy emails with my readers on this blog, Himachal Live and Himachal Travel Blog. One of the most important thing I discovered was people did not know much about Himachal bloggers. I have made a fair bit of readership piggy riding on Himvani site. There used to be a link for my blog and I was able to get some traffic. That was mighty thankful of the Himvani guys. In fact both big ‘brothers’ should maintain a page about Himachal bloggers. This can be really helpful for bloggers to get noticed. Continue reading

Airtel Digital TV; Clowns handling operations in Himachal

airtel-dth I recently installed Airtel DTH at my village in Shimla District. The dish was installed on Tuesday, 6th October, 2009. The person who installed the dish assured me that it would be activated within 4 hours time. By 7 pm, 5 hours later there was no sign of any program on the dish. I called up the retailer and was informed that Airtel system was down and would be activated the next day.

Next day, I kept on calling the retailer who in turn gave me the number of the dealer in Shimla, who in turn gave me the number of the call center. Between the four of us, the dish was finally activated on Friday, October 9, 2009. It was an terrible ordeal for 4 days and I ended spending almost Rs. 500/ on phone calls alone.

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Pictures – Hanol and Rohru countryside

Pictures from my recent Hanol – Hatkoti  trip. Had a ‘wonderful’ trip with three flat tyres in a span of 8 hours. Finally got stuck in Tikkar forest at 8 pm. With no tyre to spare, spent the night in the car at Pujarli as was too tired to drive back to Rohru.  Too tired to write my rant. Posting pictures of my trip.

Hatkoti Temple

Hatkoti Temple

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Anti ragging law passed in Himachal

Finally, the anti ragging bill was passed by the Himachal Pradesh Assembly today. True to the tradition of opposing everything thing a govt. does, Congress was quick to oppose the Bill in the present format. Congress President, Thakur Kaul Singh objected  to the clause debarring a student found involved in ragging from taking admission to any educational institution in the state. He felt such a clause could defeat the fundamental right to education.

This is entirely laughable. Thakur Sahib and his Congress has still not understood the seriousness of the situation or they are just acting dumb and stupid. He talks about fundamental right of education but does this supersedes the right for a conducive environment in a campus? For the record, if a student is found guilty of ragging he must land in jail. Why not amend the jail rules and let the student complete his study while in prison if there is no such provision yet. There has to be a zero tolerance on ragging and there should be no loop holes left in the law for the guilty to escape.

While it is the professional colleges in the state where menace of ragging is rampant, there is no doubt it will be misused grossly by student political parties. There will now be a major increase in complaints in the (worthless) degree colleges and University about students being ragged by other student leaders. It is a small price to pay for innocent students getting killed during ragging.

On the other hand, since the Bill stipulates penalties on the college administration directly, colleges will be reluctant to lodge a genuine complaint of ragging. Overall, colleges will now become a little pro-active to stop ragging on campus.

Ultimately, it is the fear of punishment which will curb ragging in our colleges. If students know their career can be destroyed by an act of drunken stupor they will refrain from ragging. Much will depend on the punishment given in the Aman Kachru case. Somewhere down the line the stick has to be used and used brutally!

IT Bar camp at Shimla


A bar camp is being organised by Himvani to attract a new breed of entrepreneurs who are willing to collaborate, to learn from each other and establish IT business in the state. This will give upstarts and students of Himachal an exposure to latest in the world of Technology. The bar camp is being organised on June 28, 2009 at HPTDC Holiday Home, Shimla. More details and registration details are available here.