Microsoft Outlook or Gmail – Which is better?

outlook or gmailMicrosoft recently revamped it’s popular email service Hotmail to Outlook and all email accounts on Hotmail are being upgraded to Outlook. While Hotmail addresses can still be used on domain new email address can also be created on domain.

Microsoft is spending a whooping US $30 million to promote against Gmail. So is it really worth it? Read on..

I shifted one of my Google Apps domain to Outlook to start with. The shifting was quick. Just had to remove the Google Apps settings and added the MS and email was all set up. Took me about 5 minutes to make the switch. Continue reading


Facebook virus alert – Clickjacking

fb1 Facebook is cleaning up after a clickjacking attack that infiltrated the social networking site this week — and security experts say this won’t be the last such attack.

Clickjacking, in which an attacker slips a malicious link or malware onto a legitimate Web page that appears to contain normal content, is an emerging threat experts have been warning about. The attack on Facebook was in the form of a comment on a user’s account with a photo that lured the victim to click on it. The embedded link took the victim to a Web page that presented like a CAPTCHA or Turing test, and asked the user to click on a blue "Share" button on the Facebook page.

Once clicked, the victim is redirected to a YouTube video, and then the same post shows up on the victim’s account and thus tries to infect his or her friends. Security experts say the attack appeared to be more of a prank or trial balloon, and it affects only Firefox and Chrome browsers, according to security expert Krzysztof Kotowicz, who blogged about the attack this week.

Facebook has now blocked the URL to the malicious site, [] "This problem isn’t specific to Facebook, but we’re always working to improve our systems and are building additional protections against this type of behavior. We’ve blocked the URL associated with this site, and we’re cleaning up the relatively few cases where it was posted — something email providers, for example, can’t do," a Facebook spokesperson says.


Hootsuite for managing Twitter and Facebook

hs Facebook and Twitter take maximum of our social media time. Many of us have multiple accounts and keeping a tab on all the messages and tweets can become really cumbersome. There are many applications like Tweet Deck where you can add your Facebook and Twitter accounts and post from a single window. The biggest drawback of Tweet Deck I found is the overall interface of the application which I found not pleasing to the eyes. Plus this application needs to be installed on your desktop. Switching between the applications can be tiresome when surfing or working on the Internet.

Hootsuite is one such service which lets you add your (multiple) Facebook and Twitter accounts. Above all nothing needs to be downloaded as it works in the browser. Simply register and log on to the Hootsuite site, add your accounts and you are done!  Switching between tabs in the browser is quite painless while on the Internet. Here is a screenshot of my Hootsuite page.

Google offline typing tool for Indian languages

GoogleWifi Google is on the roll this December and have launched a variety of services for the internet as well as desktop. Google has been very active on launching new services as it is moving towards it’s goal of making the internet faster and moving of applications from your desktop to the internet. I will discuss the tools which will be a lot helpful in everyday use on and off the internet.

Offline typing tool for Indian languages

Typing in Indian languages was taken to another level by the Google transliteration tools which made blogging in Indian languages very easy and offering Gmail in Indian languages. Only drawback of the transliteration tool is one has to be online to use this tool.

Now Google has launched an offline typing tool for Indian languages called the Google Transliteration IME. One can now type in majority of Indian languages namely, Bengali, Gujarati, Hindi, Kannada, Malayalam, Marathi, Punjabi, Tamil, Telugu and Urdu. The transliteration IME tool can be installed to any XP/Vista/Windows 7 based computer. Simply select the IME language and download the tool.

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