Google offline typing tool for Indian languages

GoogleWifi Google is on the roll this December and have launched a variety of services for the internet as well as desktop. Google has been very active on launching new services as it is moving towards it’s goal of making the internet faster and moving of applications from your desktop to the internet. I will discuss the tools which will be a lot helpful in everyday use on and off the internet.

Offline typing tool for Indian languages

Typing in Indian languages was taken to another level by the Google transliteration tools which made blogging in Indian languages very easy and offering Gmail in Indian languages. Only drawback of the transliteration tool is one has to be online to use this tool.

Now Google has launched an offline typing tool for Indian languages called the Google Transliteration IME. One can now type in majority of Indian languages namely, Bengali, Gujarati, Hindi, Kannada, Malayalam, Marathi, Punjabi, Tamil, Telugu and Urdu. The transliteration IME tool can be installed to any XP/Vista/Windows 7 based computer. Simply select the IME language and download the tool.

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Himachal blogs – How do you search?

himachal blogs and bloggers I am back after staying away from ‘writing’ blog for the past one week. The time was spent learning a little bit about Himachal blogs and their readers. I exchanged few lengthy emails with my readers on this blog, Himachal Live and Himachal Travel Blog. One of the most important thing I discovered was people did not know much about Himachal bloggers. I have made a fair bit of readership piggy riding on Himvani site. There used to be a link for my blog and I was able to get some traffic. That was mighty thankful of the Himvani guys. In fact both big ‘brothers’ should maintain a page about Himachal bloggers. This can be really helpful for bloggers to get noticed. Continue reading

A white elephant called Air India

ai A report in Business Standard states the first meeting of the Group of Ministers (GoM) to discuss funding options for cash-strapped Air India remained inconclusive today and it will meet again in a week. The government plans to infuse Rs 5,000 crore — Rs 2,000 crore in the form of equity and rest to fund the functioning — in the bleeding airline, which has an equity capital of Rs 145 crore. Air India has losses of around Rs 7,200 crore on its books and has debt of Rs 15,000 crore on its books. Of this, Rs 11,000 crore are high-cost debt. Continue reading

Airtel Digital TV; Clowns handling operations in Himachal

airtel-dth I recently installed Airtel DTH at my village in Shimla District. The dish was installed on Tuesday, 6th October, 2009. The person who installed the dish assured me that it would be activated within 4 hours time. By 7 pm, 5 hours later there was no sign of any program on the dish. I called up the retailer and was informed that Airtel system was down and would be activated the next day.

Next day, I kept on calling the retailer who in turn gave me the number of the dealer in Shimla, who in turn gave me the number of the call center. Between the four of us, the dish was finally activated on Friday, October 9, 2009. It was an terrible ordeal for 4 days and I ended spending almost Rs. 500/ on phone calls alone.

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Pictures – Hanol and Rohru countryside

Pictures from my recent Hanol – Hatkoti  trip. Had a ‘wonderful’ trip with three flat tyres in a span of 8 hours. Finally got stuck in Tikkar forest at 8 pm. With no tyre to spare, spent the night in the car at Pujarli as was too tired to drive back to Rohru.  Too tired to write my rant. Posting pictures of my trip.

Hatkoti Temple

Hatkoti Temple

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Nokia Business Phones – A Joke!

Nokia e63

Recently when my Blackberry phone became useless after dropping  it accidently, I started looking for another business phone. Blackberry is an excellent business phone, but bigger in size and thus difficult to handle. This time I looked for a sleeker phone. My basic requirement is access to mails on the go and a decent battery life.

As I looked around, Nokia E71 and E63 seemed obvious choices. They had all the functions I was looking for. Bluetooth, VoIP,  Mail for Exchange, a nice design and a user friendly key board. Finally settled for E63 as it was seven grand cheaper than the E71 and only noticeable difference was E71 supports integrated GPS which eventually I did not require.

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A sunny Sunday finally!

It’s been raining here heavily for the past one week forcing everyone to stay indoors. The rains were lesser this year but the downpour last week has been a welcome respite. Roads are still blocked due to landslides. Road to Shimla is blocked from my village due to downslides. Today being a Sunday, the official machinery is on leave. Hopefully will be cleared by tomorrow. I plan to sit in the sun for the whole day. Have missed it for the entire week.

snowline from Kotgarh Picture I clicked today, snowline across has finally some snow. One reason it’s a little chilly in morning and evening these days. Hope you guys are also enjoying the sun today.