Car dealers monopoly in Himachal Pradesh

himachal carsDecision of Himachal Pradesh Government to impose 5% entry tax on vehicles purchased from outside the state is pinching the pockets hard. This decision has resulted in dealers getting a complete monopoly and buyers are now left completely at the mercy of the dealers.

Earlier there was an option to buy cars from Chandigarh, Punjab or Haryana as the dealers there used to offer handsome discount and freebies when buying a car. This used to pressure the dealers in Himachal also to offer schemes. Once the said decision was implemented, the dealers in Himachal have got a virtual monopoly and have stopped all schemes, discounts etc and are minting money at the cost of the buyer.

The government was not loosing any money as all central taxes like VAT etc. were already being charged by the dealers outside the state. As these vehicles used to get registered in Himachal and govt was getting it’s due in form of road tax etc. Continue reading


Nano – Tata’s promise fulfilled



The famous words, that will go down in history as golden words from Mr. Ratan Tata. Ending all speculation the Rs.1 Lakh car was launched at Delhi Auto Expo.

It meets Euro 4 emission norms, runs 20 Km in a litre, has passed front and side crash tests.But where will all these additional cars go? The streets of every Indian city are already at gridlock with the rickshaws, marutis, santro and goods vehicles. India needs to upgrade its infrastructure, and enforce some sort of highway code, before unleashing millions of new vehicles onto its roads.

Millions of additional cars is a tough question, yes. I don’t know the answers, but… Continue reading