Sexual perverts being custodians of law.. !!

The year 2009 saw the high and mighty biting the dust. While it was a top cop of Haryana with a Talibani mindset who finally caught up with the law after a brave and lone battle of the Girhotra family, towards the end of the year it was ND Tiwari who grabbed the headlines with orgies being organised in the Rajbhavan.

Governor of the state is known as the first citizen of the state. ND Tiwari by his actions reduced the office of His Excellency to His Sexellency. His antics were aired on television and the entire country watched the Sexellency in disbelief!! Reports which have come out is even more shocking. His OSD Arvind Sharma would fix girls through pimps and brokers who would then be sneaked into the Rajbhavan as temporary employees. One such girl named Radhika with two other girls approached the media with proof including video footage which showed the country of happenings behind the four walls of Raj Bhawan.